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Gretsch Tennessee Rose - Lefty Mexican Strat



I’m a private collector of lefty guitars and thus, what you will see in my gallery is my personal collection. Virtually all of them are what I consider to be high quality ‘keepers’. At the time of this writing only a few in the herd would be considered vintage guitars. Vintage lefties are extremely rare and generally way overpriced when compared to a vintage righty.

Regarding my collection; what this means is that the majority of the guitars are in mint, like new condition. I tend to avoid guitars that have a great deal of play wear and/or instruments that have undergone repairs. With a collection as large as this it has hardly been possible to give them all their fair share of play time.

This fact bodes well for prospective buyers. All instruments are impeccably maintained by providing proper humidification, diligent polishing, and being newly strung and set up. Most of my guitars are in better condition than a showroom lefty that has been strummed by the masses.

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